The dirty truth of Modern American Politics Part 1

When you think of politics, what do you think of? Maybe you think of Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump. Perhaps you consider meddling in another nation’s elections. Welcome to the “Dirty Truth of Modern American Politics.” 

This will be a four part posting, and in each one we will look at different aspects of American Politics which people often refuse to accept, or the side which people are too blind to know is there. Each part of this specific Blog will also discuss everyday norms that play a role in the way Dirty Politics unfolds. 

For Part 1, we will talk shortly about the history of Politics and the evolution of it. Then we will move on to the most crucial part of any political movement, and that is you the voter.

From the dawn of mankind there has always been some type of hierarchy in place to control a group of people. Even to this day if you out a group of strangers in a room with one another and told them to complete a task as a group, someone would inevitably become the leader/representative of said group. It is in our nature as it is throughout nature. Male Lions, must eventually lead their own pride, or they will be killed and or will die. Wolves set up their Alphas and this dog controls the movement and hunting patterns. Simply put, it is in our nature to be political whether we like it or not.

During the days before crazy technology politics could be boiled down to a few easy to follow rules. One, make money and lots of it. Two, befriend those already in a powerful political position. Three, kill those who won’t allow you into power. Lastly is four, with hire someone to eat your food prior to you to ensure of the best quality and taste. 

Needless to say, there is no need now in the modern day to poison your opposition (although I’m sure it does still happen). These days all you need is a good team of data collectors (hackers) who can collect as much bad information on your opposition as possible. All you have to do then is release that information at the right time by releasing a series of tweets, or by sending it to the Wall street Journal or New York Times. 

This comes to terms with those who view the information which is you the voter. The dirty truth is, that much like what I talked about in my post “Chains” many of us simply view information that is put out by biased sources and information that is slanted and probably not completely factually true. We then take that information whether it be good or bad in quality and begin spewing it as if it is 100% verified. 

The problem is that this has been happening since the dawn of our 21st century technology. Do you remember actually using text books in school, or having to reference books in research papers? That is disappearing now. The upcoming generations have lost the ability to look at information and then perform independent research to form their own original opinions. This is very troublesome to our ability as citizens to stay truly informed. 

All information now is on the internet. Anything you can think of is there the click of a button, but people fail to see that money controls what you see. We will touch on this topic again in the next post. All information we see or hear is owned by approximately six different companies. 

To close, one of the biggest darkest truths that no one sees, or that no one is aware of. Is that the American public has lost the ability to create original views or opinions based on solid research. Instead views are echoed from a slanted source whether it be conservative or liberal. This dark truth leads to citizens becoming sheep instead of the sheepdog. It is our responsibility to stay informed, and it is our responsibility to no longer head down this dark path towards preprogrammed thought processes. ■

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