The dirty truth of Modern American Politics Part 2

In part one of the four part posting, we discussed the modern American voter’s inability to form clear concise and original opinions. That is not for every voter, but can be seen in many. It is a big enough issue that it can be clearly seen day to day in interviews, riots/protests, and by simply just talking to people about hot topics. It is easy to tell that most of the information people on both sides use to defend themselves is Information which is gained from Newspapers, online articles, the news, and even from radio talk shows. 

In part 2, we will be discussing one of the biggest issues plaguing our country and the very citizens which count on accurate “news” to stay informed. 

First off, we have to look at where people are getting their information from. According to many statistics websites, a staggering percentage of people here in the US are now turning to the internet as source of accurate information. What also leaves a bad taste in my mouth is the expected worth of the News Media industry by the year 2020. It is estimated that by the year 2020, the News Media Industry will be worth an incredible 720 Billion US Dollars. 

What does that number tell us about this industry? It is simple, that the News Media Industry is not simply about giving accurate news, but more so focused on bringing in money. Hence why big names in news like Megyn Kelly for example are able to have a net worth of 15 million dollars. 

Even scarier than the amount of profit these companies make is the number of individual people who own the biggest News Media sources in the United States. 15… 15 people have the ability to push their news companies to lean in either direction based upon who those 15 and board of investors think would benefit them more. 

This really makes you thinkof the old adage “Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.” It is clear, or at least should be clear to the American public that any news company that makes BILLIONS of dollars per year can not be trusted as a source of solid, reputable, and unbiased information. What news is supposed to be and what news is now are two very different things. 

What is news is supposed to be then? News is supposed to be an unbiased presentation of current information. True news does not jump the gun, as jumping the gun can cause civil unrest and outrage. Yet we see examples of what news is not supposed to be every day. Luckily thanks to the “fake news scandal” that has begun this year many Americans are less likely to trust the big news sources anymore. 

This brings us back full circle to Part 1 where we discussed Americans inability to do their own research to make well informed opinions and decisions. You might say “If people are looking to the internet for their news this means they are doing research.” Wrong again, people do search the internet longing for a stable news source that they can count on. However, anyone can make a website, and anyone can write something like I am and call it fact. The problem is that the big media companies wage war on anything that threatens their position, or any other source that goes against the grain of common News Media. So what are we to do then? The answer is dig. 

We must as a people dig deep into the rabbit hole and accept that things we thought were only in George Orwell’s book “1984” are actually happening right now as we speak. If we do not demand unbiased news from these companies, then we simply will from now on be left in the dark not knowing fact from fiction. ■

“Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.”

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